India: Chilli Export Surges And Spices Up Global Demand
2 months ago
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India: Chilli Export Surges And Spices Up Global Demand

India's chilli exports surpassed 10,000 crores during FY 2022-23, led by Andhra Pradesh contributing 50% of the exports. Despite weather challenges and pandemic impacts, demand from Europe, China, Sri Lanka, and the U.S. sustained the growth underscoring India's prowess in turning challenges into opportunities.

India, renowned for its diverse and vibrant spices, has achieved a remarkable milestone in the world of exports. According to recent reports India’s chilli exports soared beyond 10,000 crore during the fiscal year 2022-23, igniting a global demand for its fiery produce. This achievement not only showcases the prowess of Indian farmers but also signifies the robust demand for Indian chillies in international markets.

Major Highlights

Let’s dive into the details and discover how this remarkable feat was achieved & analyse the present state of the chilli market as it witnesses a steady price decline.

1.     Andhra’s Chilli Export: At the forefront of this impressive accomplishment is the state of Andhra Pradesh. A staggering 50% of the total chilli stock exported in 2022-23 hailed from this spice-rich state. The continuous influx of export orders has translated into substantial profits for the farmers, as they capitalized on the soaring demand.

2.     From Monsoon Woes To Export Triumph: Unexpected rains and floods wreaked havoc on the chilli crops in various districts of Andhra Pradesh. This unfortunate weather event resulted in a significant drop of 30%-40% in crop output, leaving farmers grappling with potential losses. However, the silver lining emerged in the form of a booming export market, rescuing farmers from the brink of despair.

3.     Global Demand: Demand from European countries, China, Sri Lanka, and the U.S. has been a driving force behind the steady rise in chilli exports from India. Even in the face of a global pandemic, India’s chilli exports remained resilient. In the fiscal year 2020-21, when the world was grappling with the Covid-19 impact, India managed to export nearly 6.46 lakh tons, generating a revenue of 9,241 crore. This achievement underscores the enduring demand for Indian chillies in the global market.

4.     Steady Prices Amidst Stability: Recent times have witnessed consistent stability in chilly prices in the local market. Even in the downward direction, there seems to be a certain equilibrium. This equilibrium can be attributed to a combination of factors, including decreased demand and surplus production.

5.     Varieties On The Move: The export of varieties like Teja and 334 is still going strong. Though Teja experienced a slight dip in prices last week, settling at around Rs.238/kg, the overall value of Teja chillies remains relatively stable.

A Look Back

Recalling the same period last year, by August 2022, chilli prices had reached record highs. Notably, the 341 and 5531 varieties were traded at around Rs. 300 per kilo across all markets. Last year, thrips attacks and viral infections led to a drop in chilli production. Consequently, prices experienced a significant increase due to reduced supply.

Market Outlook

Looking ahead, it is anticipated that there might be a price resurgence around September 2023. Currently, FMCG companies have ample stock, but the festive and wedding season in September could lead to an uptick in demand.

Trade analysts foresee a promising future for India’s chilli exports. Positive feedback from global exporters and the sustained demand for the fiery spice provide a strong basis for anticipating continued growth in the coming seasons. As long as the international appetite for Indian chillies remains heated, farmers and traders alike can expect to continue reaping the rewards of their hard work.

OFB’s Insight

India’s journey in the global chilli market is a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of its farmers, who have turned challenges into opportunities. Despite the setbacks caused by unexpected weather events, the booming export market has provided a lifeline to farmers, transforming adversity into success. The global demand for Indian chillies has played a pivotal role in this achievement, with countries such as China, European nations, Sri Lanka, and the U.S. driving the upward trajectory of exports.

As we analyze the current state of the chilli market, price stability and the movement of different varieties, a positive outlook emerges for the future. The anticipation of a resurgence in prices around September, coupled with the festive and wedding season, suggests the potential for an uptick in demand.

Trade analysts are optimistic about India’s chilli exports, pointing to positive feedback from global partners and the sustained appetite for the fiery spice. As long as the international market continues to crave Indian chillies, the hard work of farmers and traders is likely to yield ongoing rewards.

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