Navigating The Complex Landscape Of Base Metals
26 days ago
Non Ferrous Scrap
Non Ferrous Scrap

Navigating The Complex Landscape Of Base Metals

Dive into the world of base metals, where the US Dollar's strength, growing inventories, and a shifting Chinese landscape pose challenges. Copper, a global health indicator, faces headwinds as the market navigates uncertainties. Explore technical analysis and market outlook to stay informed.

A storm is brewing in the world of base metals. Factors from the strength of the US Dollar to growing visible inventories and economic data are converging to challenge the base metals market. Let’s delve into the multifaceted forces at play and their impact on key base metals like copper, zinc, lead, nickel, and tin.

Market Drivers

  • US Dollar’s Dominance: The relentless strength of the US Dollar continues to cast a shadow over base metals. Factors like a robust service sector PMI and record-low weekly US unemployment claims have powered the USD Index’s seven-week winning streak.
  • Rising Inventories: Visible inventories for base metals have reached a 15-month high. Notably, copper stocks recently surged by 23,475 tons across European and US warehouses. This influx is the largest one-day increase in years, signalling potential oversupply.
  • Chinese Dilemma: Chinese stimulus hopes are fading as the country’s A share equity index falls, and the Yuan hits its lowest point since 2007. Moreover, economic data reveals declining industrial growth, with Chinese exports and imports falling significantly.
  • Growing Risk-Off Sentiment: The risk-off sentiment is permeating broader markets, with US equities experiencing a fifth consecutive decline. Dow‘s 2.3% drop this month adds to the mounting pressure.
  • Copper’s Crucial Role: Copper, often seen as a global health indicator, faces mounting headwinds. While Chinese reports indicate record-high copper ore imports, suggesting expanded refined metal output, refined copper imports have contracted for nine consecutive months, leaving more metal in the global market.
  • Technical Breakpoints: Expert’s analysis reveals copper’s critical make or break point at $8175. A move lower could set the metal on a path towards $7000-$7500.

Market Outlook

The base metals market remains dynamic, reacting to nearby spreads and daily inventory reports. Dip-buying might provide some support, but the inventory overhang and the Dollar’s strength weigh heavily. Here’s the metalwise market outlook:

  • Copper: Downside target of $8200, with further declines likely in October 2023.
  • Aluminium: Likely to remain under pressure with a target of $2080.
  • Zinc: Likely to remain resilient due to warrant cancellations, but watch for potential reversals.
  • Lead: The short squeeze in SHFE is tapering off, expect a gradual decline.
  • Nickel: Surplus despite ore deficits; prices may drift to $19,500.
  • Tin: Large inventory inflows have reversed the trend; a first target at $24,500.

OFB’s Insight

In this intricate dance of base metals, these multifaceted factors are the orchestrators of their journey. They wield the power to mould the trajectory of these vital commodities. To navigate this complex landscape successfully, it is imperative to remain vigilant, well-informed, and ready to adapt to the ever-shifting currents of the market. The key lies in staying attuned to these forces and being prepared to adjust course when necessary.

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