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Discover our extensive range of high-quality mild steel structure angles from top brands like SAIl, RINL, JSPL, JSW Special Products, Tata, Noble, and others. Available in light, medium, and heavy types, and in grades such as E250, E350, Grade 1, and Grade 2, perfect for various industrial applications.Read More

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Mild steel angles, also known as angle bars, are a popular choice for construction and infrastructure projects due to their strength and durability. These steel angles are made from a type of mild steel known as low carbon steel, which is easy to work with and can be welded or bolted into place.There are several brands of mild steel angles available in the market, including SAIL, RINL, JSPL, Monnet (JSW SP), Tata, Noble, Rolling, and VSP. These brands offer a range of mild steel angles in different types, including light, medium, and heavy, to suit the needs of various construction projects.In addition to the brand and type, mild steel angles also come in different grades, such as E250BR, E350BR, E250B0, E350B0, E250C, E350C, E450, and E250A. These grades refer to the strength and durability of the steel angles, with higher grades offering better performance.Mild steel angles are also available in different sizes, with side1 and side2 measurements typically ranging from 20mm to 250mm, and thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 20mm. The length of these steel angles can vary, but is usually between 6m and 12m.When it comes to purchasing mild steel angles, it's important to consider the BIS standard, which stands for Bureau of Indian Standards. The most common BIS standard for mild steel angles is IS2062, which specifies the requirements for the manufacture and supply of these steel angles.When ordering mild steel angles, it's also important to consider the quantity required, which is typically measured in metric tons (MT). It's important to order the right amount of steel angles to ensure that your construction project has sufficient material to complete the job.Overall, mild steel angles are a reliable and durable choice for construction projects, and are available in a range of brands, types, grades, sizes, and quantities to suit your specific needs.Read More